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lsThe fact is most people can relate to wanting to be a happier, healthier version of themselves.  In June 2013 I reached the end of myself with my health.    After some serious medical testing for many scary suspected conditions, and taking 5 medications each day, I decided to take control of my life and health.   I felt like I was dying, I felt lifeless and dull.  I was in severe pain.  Something had to change.

Here are the reasons I chose Isagenix to change my life and also that of my family:

  • The daily stress of my job, working in the field of orphans, adoption and on the ground in 3rd world countries in some very hard places (Northern Uganda) had taken its toll.   I had developed health problems and my brain was foggy and quite frankly I was scared for the future.  Doctors didn’t know what was wrong.   My weight was dangerously unhealthy, my blood pressure, sky high.  My pain level was constant and even the medications I had been given for inflammation and pain were not helping.
  • My daughter had knee problems, weight loss and her nutrition was so poor (junk food, sugar, fried foods etc.) There was something she was consuming too that was causing inflammation.  We were considering a whole food approach to her therapy.  Both of my daughters had learning disabilities and various health issues.
  • Some of my friends began talking about Isagenix, how it was not a “diet” but a lifestyle and how they were losing weight and their special-needs children that had been adopted from severe orphanage situations, had great health results with the products vastly improving their nutrition.   Other friends I thought were healthy were gaining weight and building muscle!  Some people were giving these great products to their children or cleansing their bodies and life of toxins and those results were amazing, and sometimes immediate!  There were even doctors that work for Isagenix that gave informational Q&A calls to help with our specific needs.
  • No one was talking to me about how if I became a member, I’d get a fine fancy car or take huge vacations!  No one was begging me, they were sharing their stories and their successes both health-wise and financial.   Since many of our team had adopted children, I was excited that my membership might be benefiting adoptive families and directly impacting children, families and orphans or humanitarian projects in a very positive way.  I would be helping people that I knew, and people that I cared along with people who really needed good nutrition for their health and that was really a refreshing concept!
  • I have yo-yo’ed and tried every weight loss product on the market.   I’ve seen my friends get on products that harmed them and didn’t work or were short term “band-aids,”  Some of these products from other companies harmed my friends and myself permanently because they were meant for rapid weight loss, starvation or were not good whole food products and they weren’t designed for long term goals.  The main thread in all of these products is that they didn’t provide a lifestyle change, and that HAS to happen for a permanent health change to happen.

Mostly understanding the quality and testing of the Isagenix product line, was the determining factor for me:

  • ~No artificial coloring or flavors
  • ~No artificial sweeteners
  • ~No stimulants
  • ~No soy protein
  • ~All natural and organic
  • ~All raw ingredients are cold processed with tender loving care to ensure that the integrity of all phyto-nutrients remain unharmed
  • ~All raw ingredients are grown in various regions in the world and are harvested to season
  • ~Products options for my Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher friends
  • ~70 Plus Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals
  • ~8 Digestive Enzymes for proper digestion and assimilation
  • ~Exclusive Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate
  • ~Over 600 raw ingredients in Isagenix products, all tested prior to being used~Over $1 million spent annually on finished goods testing to ensure label claims, microbiological, heavy metals and pesticides requirements, all finished product batches tested to insure integrity and safety
  • ~Over $300,000 spent annually on independent 3rd party testing
  • ~Over $500,000 spent annually on raw ingredients safety testing~Fast and Safe Results that are Measurable by days 2-4
  • Aging Products, Brain Support and Sleep Products
  • Pain and Joint products
  • Products for all ages and special health considerations, this lifestyle is very flexible!
  • Coaching for your special issues and a team of wonderful people that help and encourage you!

Fast Forward:  I’ve lost 75 pounds now!    My blood pressure is normal.  My blood tests are all normal now! I no longer take any pharmaceutical medications.   My doctors cannot believe it.  I’m no longer in pain.  I have so much energy!    I look better on the outside, and my skin is so healthy now!    I look forward to waking up well rested and pain-free and sleep through the night!  I now own wellness!!!  I have changed my health from the inside out.

 I coach others in an interactive and completely comprehensive way for anyone to get on the path to optimal health and wealth.  I take into consideration your health situation and needs, and tailor your program around you and meet you where you are in your life presently.    The lifestyle change will transform you!


Message me or write to me, Lori Scott: