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Would you like to be part of the FUELED for Life and AdoptaGenix team for Isagenix?

In 2013 I  accepted an invitation to join Isagenix International with the AdoptaGenix team along with hundreds of families and individuals striving to find better nutrition for their adopted children.  That team continues to grow and we support bringing the worlds best nutrition to the nations of malnourished orphans.

The Company: The founders of Isagenix are Jim & Kathy Coover and John Anderson.  Jim and Kathy reputations in the industry for integrity and a proven record in the MLM business model. John Anderson is one of the leading formulators in the supplement business with a special knowledge of botanicals. The company has been in business now for more than ten years, and even through the last five years was showing record growth. Why? Because of the great products and the way it looks after it’s associates.  Other well-known people involved in Isagenix long-term are Dr. John Gray of  “Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus” fame.  Dr. Michael Colgan joined the Isagenix team on the Scientific Advisory board.  Colgan is an expert in nutritional science and anti-aging.

The Science: unlike many companies Isagenix has a top-notch science department. They make sure that only the best quality ingredients are formulated into the Isagenix products, and that the products are on the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs. Isagenix has also had independent research undertaken of several of their products, with great results.

The Products: Isagenix, the World Leader of Whole-Body Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing & Youthful Aging™ with products and systems that have been developed by Isagenix are some of the best available today. Their initial line was developed to help with the ongoing problem of obesity and weightloss. The systems and products that they developed for fat burning and weight loss are the best on the market. Isagenix now has products for energy & performance for athletes and for healthy aging. Isagenix is all about quality and integrity, while at the same time making the products affordable. And Isagenix keeps developing new products, like the amazing Product B for antioxidant and telomere support, brain and sleep support system, immune support and Mars Venus Wellness System.

The People: I continue to stand in awe at the wonderful people who call Isagenix home. From the company executives, through the millionaire income earners and associates, I always feel an environment of caring, of support and of learning. Everyone from the company itself, to the associates with their business centers, are striving to improve themselves and to help others improve their lives through better health and wealth.

International Development:  Isagenix continues to develop its international market, and it has some rather impressive countries on the list!

Would you like to become a member of my team? To learn more about Isagenix, the products and systems and the business opportunity, just click here. If you have any questions, just send your contact information here and we can help you join our team!