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Posted by on Dec 26, 2013 in Testimonies | 0 comments

Isagenix Testimony:  Deanna Jones Falchook

Isagenix Testimony: Deanna Jones Falchook

Even if you aren’t an adoptive family, this story will resonate with you.   I am proudly a member of the  Adoptagenix team.  I’m a parent that adopted children from hard places, children from Romanian institutions.   Though not all members of our team are adoptive parents or those wishing to adopt, we all have a deep desire to love and help the orphans of the world.   Our reason for Isagenix is so much more than fantastic products that work.   The compensation opportunity of Isagenix is helping whole families with adoption fund-raising, child feeding after adoption by putting these children into balance after malnourishment in in countries like Uganda, China and Guatemala, and supporting missionaries and orphans in their countries.   We love to give back, so our reasons and mission for Isagenix are so much deeper than imaginable.

I owe my whole transformation, weight loss,  and Isagenix Testimony Journey to Deanna Jones Falchook.    Without Deanna, I would have never found health and wellness. This article is a great story to honor a woman and family that means the world to me. I met Deanna through the adoption commnuity.   Mark and Deanna have adopted 5 children.  Having adopted kids means that not all of them come home with good nutrition.  Deanna began her Isagenix journey with nutrition in mind for her children.   Thank you Deanna Jones Falchook you haven’t only changed your own life but have affected so many!  If you don’t believe that a company can have an impact on a whole family,  read this

Fourty Pounds Gone!

Deanna sporting a Little Black Dress 40 Pounds Gone!

Just a year ago, Deanna found her heart racing and her palms sweating at a simple Christmas gift request from her son.

Could he have a $40 pair of sneakers for Christmas?

The family of nine had struggled to make ends meet, was facing foreclosure of their home and regularly receiving donated food from a charity organization. With two biological children and five internationally adopted ones, Deanna found herself scrambling to provide through her business as a singer and entertainer while remaining committed to their decision to help orphans globally.

“I had a lump in my throat over a $40 pair of sneakers and thought ‘how am I going to do this for six other children,’” recalls Deanna. “That was only one small gift.”

Thanks to Isagenix®, this Christmas is a different story for Deanna’s family.

Read more of this beautiful Isagenix Testimony here!!!

I cannot imagine what my life would have been without making this decision with Deanna.   I want the same for all of you.  I will be there for you like Deanna has been there for me through these months.   I will make sure you get every bit of encouragement and coaching to lead you to success!    Contact me now!

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